Pizzaiolo! Review

Developer: Geisha Tokyo Inc.

Age Rating: 9+

Size: 256.9MB

Category: Simulation

Availability: iOS (free)

This is one of those games you download after seeing the add over and over, until you finally decide what the hell! And give in. 

Now is this game worth it? Not really. 

Visually, it’s okay. Not the best, but not so horrible that it detracts from the game. It has this sort of thrown together look a lot of apps like this tend to have. Like time was taken to make sure it’s presentable, but not much more. In addiction, the visuals don’t really add to the gameplay. Dare I say, it may even detract from it at times. 

Now, when it comes to actual gameplay there’s nothing really to write home about. You make pizza. That’s about it. There honestly really isn’t even much of a challenge to it, in that you can get away with randomly swiping around the screen and still doing reasonably well in the game. 

The main detractor from this game is that it is covered in ads, to the point where it’s less of a pizza making simulator and more of an ad-viewing platform. Additionally, the option to remove ads is not existent, making it evident the intent behind the lackluster gameplay. 

Honestly, if you see an ad for this game, I’d recommend you keep scrolling. Unless you feel like spending more time looking at ads.

Subjective Rating:

Objective Rating:

Final Rating:

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