Romance is a Bonus Book Review

Now streaming on Netflix. Rated TV-14.

Is it just me, or are Korean dramas absolutely addicting? Romance is a Bonus Book is no exception. It’s many things: a heart-warming slice-of-life, swoon-worthy romance, cheesy comedy, and gripping mystery. And somehow manages to wrap all those things up with a neat bow, providing the viewer with an overall all-addicting and entertaining adventure.

This show is definitely– without a doubt– character driven. We follow an ensemble of lovable characters, all of which go through some sort of growth throughout the series. While the focus is primarily on the protagonist Dan-I, we are given enjoyable and easy-to-follow glimpses into the lives of those around her. The show focuses on Dan-I’s struggles, as well as her wins (no matter how small) and her losses, ultimately presenting her as an exceptionally relatable character. As she goes through her own story, we see the characters around her go through their own journeys; we have Ms. Song, who has to accept the man she loves won’t return her feelings, and we even have (arguably tertiary character) Ji-Yul grows as a person and learns the importance of taking responsibility. If you don’t relate to our protagonist for whatever reason, I guarantee you’ll find someone you can relate to.

While the series gives you a sympathetic view of its characters’ lives, it also gives a unique view into the Korean publishing industry. Though it is presented through a fictional lens, there are still things to be learned about the industry, work-life, and the book industry in Korea. If you are an avid reader, I would recommend this series because of its glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of the book industry, even if the one it presents differs from that of your home country. 

For a Korean drama, this one may be a bit longer, but it’s worth a watch. But warning: it’s hard to not binge!

Subjective Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Objective Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Final Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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