Shadow Seven Review

Developer: Neptune Company

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 2.6 GB

Category: Strategy

Availablity: App Store (Free), Google Play (Free)

I am a big fan of ARPGs; and since my former favourites have closed their servers I’ve been on the lookout for a new game to occupy my free time. In my ongoing search through the currently available ARPGs I’ve found some promising candidates, notably: Shadow Seven. 

Storywise, Shadow Seven is relatively typical amongst its peers. But, for me, the gameplay has always been the most important aspect of any game that I play. Shadow Seven, for the most part, makes up for its few faults with simple and easy to learn gameplay. Additionally, the ability to use auto-play in the game’s main storyline is well implemented for players who like to farm and/or multitask. The user-interface is overall very easy to navigate with its clean and intuitive layout. The game is visually stunning in the general sense when you also take into consideration the artwork. 

There aren’t many downfalls to this game. The in-game purchases are reasonable and are not required for the average player to advance at a reasonable pave. My only qualms are quite small, including my annoyance with the auto-mode only going up to 1.5x’s speed. The more blaring part of the game that doesn’t seem necessary is the “House” interface which often seems quite broken. I recognise the intention behind this section, but regardless I feel it falls short. 
For fans of ARPGs I would definitely recommend checking out Shadow Seven. I recommend giving the game a chance by playing through the 7-day challenge. Which takes a bit more that seven days if don’t have the time to really sit and play, but it’s a reasonable introduction to the game, with a goal that isn’t as hard to reach as it may seem.

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Objective Rating

Final Rating

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