Puzzledom Review

Developer: Metajoy

Age Rating: 4+

Size: 112.7

Free (with in-app purchases)

Available on iOS and Android

Nowadays with so many apps available and phones with such high capacity it’s easy to clutter your device’s memory with hundreds of apps. If you’re a fan of puzzles those apps can add up quickly: an app for sudoku, crosswords, match ‘ems and so many more. It can be a bit overwhelming and easy to lose track of your favourites amongst the cluttered folders. As a fan of puzzles I was quite pleased when I found Puzzledom, as it has a library of entertaining puzzles all in one place!

The game is sleek and easy to navigate with (as of this being written) 18 different puzzles available, all with 350-800 individual puzzles for you to solve. The game encourages you to play by having you unlock different puzzles, with only a few immediately available upon downloading. Doing so is not hard, as earning the in-game currency is quite easy. While the game offers in-app purchases, it is entirely possible to play the game without ever spending a dime! Additionally new puzzles are added frequently to their already large library. 

The game recently introduced a paid membership, which at a glance may not seem worth it. At current time I cannot recommend said membership due to its high price and minimal additional benefits. Maybe in the future this will change, but for now there is little to be desired when the free edition is so great to begin with. 

Subjective Rating

Objective Rating

Final Rating

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