Dog Shelter Rescue Review

Developer: Sleutech Inc.

Age Rating: 4+

Size: 105.3 MB

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Available on iOS and Android

Dog Shelter Rescue is a fun twist on the idle game concept for dogs lovers. Rescue twenty different breeds of dog from the streets, decorate their living space and care for them until they’re ready to be adopted. A simple concept, simply executed.

The game isn’t anything fancy, but it’s easy to tell that there is love behind it. The user-interface is a little clunky, but not hard to intuit. The game is overall very simple and doesn’t demand attention the way some idle games tend to do. The game is free to play, and very true to that, but like most games there is the option to make in-app purchases (doing so is entirely unnecessary though). Additionally, the game provides resources to raise awareness for animal rescue organizations and related information. It’s evident that this game is made with a cause.

For dog lovers, this game may be a worthwhile way to pass the time while in a line for coffee or during a transit stop.

Subjective Rating

Objective Rating

Final Rating

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