Summoners War Review

Developer: Com2uS Corp.

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 131 mb

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Available on iOS and Android

By now I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen the Summoner’s War trailer featuring Dave Franco at least five or so times. No, whether you downloaded the game? That was up to you.

I, of course, did download the game; and honestly wish I hadn’t. While the game has beautiful and considerably smooth graphics, it is definitely an overwhelming play. You are bombarded with quite a bit upon opening the game, as well having a lot of options as to what to do while you’re there and how. This also applies to the large catalogue of potential gatchpa characters you can collect. For some, this may not be a problem, but for casual players this all is a lot. 

The major downside of this game and the reason why I eventually off-loaded it was that there is definitely a point where it seems to hit a paywall; making an otherwise free game into a potentially expensive endeavor. Once you hit the paywall you have the option of giving in and spending large sums of real-world money or you can continue laying but won’t progress very quickly. With this type of game, the paywall is extremely frustrating, and makes it either a game you grind at to advance to keep up with paying players, or you off-load because there are better games utilizing similar mechanics.

Subjective Rating

Objective Rating

Final Rating

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