Last Cloudia Review

Developer: ADIS Inc.

Age Rating:12+

Size: 214 mb

Price Range: Free (with in-app purchases)

Available on iOS and Android

With a classic 8-bit aesthetic Last Cloudia seems like a promising anime-inspired RPG. Its gameplay doesn’t stray far from the norm for the sub-genre but with a clunky hard-to-navigate user-interface and a storyline that takes a considerable amount of grinding to make any substantial headway. The game adds a poorly executed gacha system that isn’t easy to understand for RPG novices. As of writing this I do not recommend this game, as I found it overall considerably tedious and subsequently boring. 

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Dog Shelter Rescue Review

Developer: Sleutech Inc.

Age Rating: 4+

Size: 105.3 MB

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Available on iOS and Android

Dog Shelter Rescue is a fun twist on the idle game concept for dogs lovers. Rescue twenty different breeds of dog from the streets, decorate their living space and care for them until they’re ready to be adopted. A simple concept, simply executed.

The game isn’t anything fancy, but it’s easy to tell that there is love behind it. The user-interface is a little clunky, but not hard to intuit. The game is overall very simple and doesn’t demand attention the way some idle games tend to do. The game is free to play, and very true to that, but like most games there is the option to make in-app purchases (doing so is entirely unnecessary though). Additionally, the game provides resources to raise awareness for animal rescue organizations and related information. It’s evident that this game is made with a cause.

For dog lovers, this game may be a worthwhile way to pass the time while in a line for coffee or during a transit stop.

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Adorable Home Review

Developer: HyperBeard Inc.

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 631 MB

Price: Free (in-app purchase)

Available on iOS and Android

Adorable Home is an idle game that gives off Neko Atsume vibes in its cute art style and gameplay. It’s an easy game to play and doesn’t require lots of time out of your day. 

The first thing you are tasked with doing when opening the game is choosing a character to play. There is an array of characters to choose from, but they aren’t culturally diverse from the visual since (nor are they physically diverse). This is a detractor, as everyone should be able to be represented in a game they play. This is the only thing the game really needs to change for it to be truly great. The only representation in the game is the option to have queer couples, which is a step in the right direction, well, more of a foot in the door. 

The gameplay is simple. Check the game occasionally, make meals for your in-game partner, take pictures with them and your cats, care for your cats, and buy furniture to decorate your home. The come check-in method of gameplay has been popularized by games like Neko Atsume. Similarly progression through the game, with the goal of decorating your home to your liking, takes quite a long time. If you’re not patient you have the option to spend real-world money for in-game money that you can then use to purchase items, but that will quickly become quite expensive. 

The game is quite chill, and if you like games that you only have to check occasionally it may be worth it. But, be aware of the games lack of diversity.

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Idle Life Sim Review

Developer: Digital Things

Age Rating: 4+

Size: 535.7MB

Price: Free

Available on iOS and Android

For fans of simulation games that don’t quite have the time to sit down and play classics like the acclaimed Sims 4, Idle Life may be an option. For me, an avid player of simulation games who has a fair amount of time to play a variety of games, Idle Life still manages to be a cute game to check into once or twice a day. The game is relatively new, so there is definitely room for it to grow, but for what it is now it’s your pretty average Idle-style game with the added fun of being about to buy houses, furniture, and clothes for your sim character.

 The style of Idle Life is cute, and somewhat reminiscent of Animal Crossing with its chibi style character design. It’s easy to navigate with a well organized layout. The only issue with their layout is the imposing in-app purchase icons at the bottom of the screen. Like many idle games this game is free-to-play with the option of in-app purchases, such as No Ads, 2xs profits, and increased inactive income. These in-app purchases are more expensive than usual, so beware. If you want any of those features it’s going to cost between 5 to 10 dollars.

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Pizzaiolo! Review

Developer: Geisha Tokyo Inc.

Age Rating: 9+

Size: 256.9MB

Category: Simulation

Availability: iOS (free)

This is one of those games you download after seeing the add over and over, until you finally decide what the hell! And give in. 

Now is this game worth it? Not really. 

Visually, it’s okay. Not the best, but not so horrible that it detracts from the game. It has this sort of thrown together look a lot of apps like this tend to have. Like time was taken to make sure it’s presentable, but not much more. In addiction, the visuals don’t really add to the gameplay. Dare I say, it may even detract from it at times. 

Now, when it comes to actual gameplay there’s nothing really to write home about. You make pizza. That’s about it. There honestly really isn’t even much of a challenge to it, in that you can get away with randomly swiping around the screen and still doing reasonably well in the game. 

The main detractor from this game is that it is covered in ads, to the point where it’s less of a pizza making simulator and more of an ad-viewing platform. Additionally, the option to remove ads is not existent, making it evident the intent behind the lackluster gameplay. 

Honestly, if you see an ad for this game, I’d recommend you keep scrolling. Unless you feel like spending more time looking at ads.

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